Missionary Trips

Christ for the Poor’s mission programs are purpose-driven events that provide a variety of exciting opportunities for young people to use their specific gifts and talents for outreach. We hope to inspire potential mission trip visitors to honor Jesus Christ with their lives by “going into the entire world preaching the Good News to all creation.” (Mark 16:15)

Our Short and Long Term Mission Trips provide adults and young people with:

  • A broader perspective of the world and an increase in cross-cultural understanding
  • An opportunity to understand the world’s needs
  • An opportunity to use their gifts and talents to share the Gospel
  • An opportunity to share their faith in both word and deed
  • An opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others

You're a good candidate for a Short Term Mission Trip if you'd like to visit a new part of the world and do something worthwhile with your time by showing Christ's love to a hurting world.  We offer the opportunities for both cultural exchange and intense Christian ministry in difficult locations in the areas we serve.

Short term mission trips in Mangua, Nicaragua may include visits to the community of La Chureca, La Mascota Hospital and our HIV patients, and the opportunity to interact with our students at the CFP Vocational Institute and tours of the city of Managua. You can study a language, culture, history and religion in our special programs.

Long term Mission Trips
are available for those, students or professionals, who would like to help us improve our community outreach.

As a Christian you are blessed with many tools for discerning God's will for your life; a mission trip may be simply the best way for you to use your recreational time or you it could be a clear call to a specific service.

Download the schedule of upcoming trips (.pdf file).


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